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Episode One: Fake Beards & Broken Necks

In the sleepy port town of Scarroll’s Cove, three strangers are brought together by chance, fate and the lack of seating space in a cramped bar. When privateer (not a pirate!) halfling Corzin Horhace, drow bard Celestia Stardust and mysterious bearded stranger Scamp become aware of a series of brutal murders, danger lies overhead…

Episode Two: Hangmen and Harris Hawks

Celestia, Corzin and Scamp find themselves in frantic pursuit of their assailant, winding up in a less cosy part of Scarroll’s Cove. After a certain amount of cross-examination by the watch, they encounter some particularly murderous travel difficulties.

Episode Three: Truth & Beauty

Celestia, Corzin & Scamp make port at Peder’s March, an ugly town with a very handsome mayor. A hunting expedition in the swamps may lead them to get more than they bargain for…

Episode Four: Deliveries & Desperation

Reeling from the bargains made with Olga Gristlegums, the party seek a cure for Corzin’s sickness and make a fateful delivery.

Episode Five: Heists & Hangovers

In Ballwick’s Bay, Corzin’s past rears a kinky head and Celestia learns the joys of coffee. Amongst other things.

Episode Six: Sharks & Sweetmeats

Our party brave the seas aboard the good skiff Kipper, indulge themselves in confectioneries and engage in a spot of reverse-fishing.

Episode Seven: Cairns & Catastrophe

Corzin reckons with a ghost from the past, while the party become closely acquainted with some bastard fish.

Bonus Episode: Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

Grandma, Zach & Peel attempt to survive the Carnival of Hollywood Superstar Shia LaBoeuf.

Episode Eight: Flintlocks & Fireballs

In a place of death, the party make some unexpected friends.

Episode Nine: Cardsharks & Carronades

After a little shore leave, the party finally engages in actual privateering.

Episode Ten: Cadavers & Chitin

After a grim spot of corpse disposal, the party arrive at the grand city of Crosswater and take on an unusual request.

Episode Eleven: Justice & Wisdom

The party find a safe space, friends, and how past decisions can really cast a shadow over the whole proceedings.

Episode Twelve: Shadows & Scaremongers

The party learn how to win friends and terrify people.

Episode Thirteen: Forensics & Farsight

The party scour the streets of Crosswater for clues and catch up on the activities of an old foe.

Episode Fourteen: Stalkers & Sentinels

In which the party duke it out beneath the city streets and run into an old acquaintance.

Episode Fifteen: Nests & Nightmares

In which the party engages a deadly nest and a troubling entity, and a dark force comes bearing light.

Episode Sixteen: Tarts & Triangulation

In which careful detective work uncovers more than the party might have wished for, down where the light does not touch.

Episode Seventeen: Regrets & Revelations

In the wake of a shocking revelation, one of the party unburdens themselves of the weight of the past.

Episode Eighteen: Parrots & Philosophy

In which the party attempt identity theft, champagne socialism and elementary pet care.

Episode Nineteen: Statues & Standoffs

In which the party have a gunfight in a brewery.

Episode Twenty: Monsters & Monstrosity

In which Scamp finally gets in a drinking contest.

Episode Twenty One: Flights & Farewells

In which the party experiences a number of farewells, reunions and unexpected complications.

Episode Twenty Two: Bargains & Burnings

In which an old enemy returns.

Episode Twenty Three: Receptions & Ransoms

In which there are street parties, celebrations and uninvited shipboard guests.

Episode Twenty Four: Recovery & Regret

In which the party take an unexpected detour.

Episode Twenty Five: Shrews & Stalkers

In which the party cross the threshold into an ancient place.

Episode Twenty Six: Diaries & Death

In which the party engage in adventurous archaeology!

Episode Twenty Seven: Skulls & Sloth

In which the party engage a most sedentary foe.

Episode Twenty Eight: Tracks & Tarpits

In which the party undertakes the first task and meets a new friend.

Episode Twenty Nine: Cauldrons & Cannibals

In which the party experiences new and interesting cultures.

Episode Thirty: Dreams & Desire

In which the party take a gnomish short-cut.

Episode Thirty One: Jimothy!

It’s Jimothy!

Episode Thirty Two: Hemp & Horrors

The party engage in a cross-country chase through the hinterlands of Suul.

Episode Thirty Three: Riches & Revolution

In which the party arrive in a new town, meet some new friends and go to the bank.

Episode Thirty Four: Scrimshaw & Smugglers

In which the party go shopping in the catacombs and help deliver some merchandise.

Episode Thirty Five: Bastards & Breakouts

In which the party attempts a smooth, non-combat jailbreak.

Episode Thirty Six: Correspondence & Calamity

In which the party reaches the port city of Cayonne.

Episode Thirty Seven: Disaster & Destiny

In which everything goes wrong.

Episode Thirty Eight: Scrying & Seahorses

In which Scamp creates marine life, after a fashion, and important truths are learnt.

Episode Thirty Nine: Detectives & Deception

In which yet more horses suffer because of the party and unorthodox detective methods are employed.

Episode Forty: Plans & Psychedelics

In which a heist is planned with the assistance of our good friend and companion Reginald.

Episode Forty One: Choices & Chamberpots

In which we go to the Mirrored Palace.

Episode Forty Two: Stone & Sacrifice

In which a familiar face appears with a request.

Episode Forty Three: Mystery & Mentalism

In which the party put their detective hats on and experience duelling compulsions.

Episode Forty Four: Tears & Thresholds

In which a moral horizon is touched on.

Episode Forty Five: Collections & Cruelty

In which the party pretend to be art historians.

Episode Forty Six: Gutshots & Gluttony

In which we research the melting point of copper.

Episode Forty Seven: Foresight & Foreboding

In which a threshold is crossed from which there is no return.

Episode Forty Eight: Revelry & Reunion

In which we stray from the future to the past.

Episode Forty Nine: Perils & Pearls

In which we discern whether it is in fact better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea.

Episode Fifty: Bishops & Bombs

In which a plan is hatched, a new ally found and something forgotten returns.

Episode Fifty One: Bridges & Battles

In which Cayonne’s fate is decided.

Episode Fifty Two: Parties & Parenting

In which the Council of Cayonne is formed and Corzin offers some parental advice.

Episode Fifty Three: Friendships & Futureproofing

In which the crew return to the capital, bear an ominous message and are tasked with a mission.

Episode Fifty Four: Confessions & Carriages

In which the party proceed to the town of Treachery.

Episode Fifty Five: Forests & Faces

In which we encounter a friendly halfling trader.

Episode Fifty Six: Echoes & Exploration

In which an ancient ruin is explored.

Episode Fifty Seven: Escalation & Endings

It’s time.

Episode Fifty Eight: Memory & Magic

In which Scamp raises a middle finger to the laws of physics.

Episode Fifty Nine: Slumber & Sendings

In which dreams are had and lines are crossed.

Episode Sixty: Perfumes & Preparations

In which the party go shopping behind enemy lines.

Episode Sixty One: Dining & Diplomacy

In which the party attempt to negotiate the fate of an entire nation.