Episode Six: Sharks & Sweetmeats

Our party brave the seas aboard the good skiff Kipper, indulge themselves in confectionaries and engage in a spot of reverse-fishing.

Each week on Flintlocks and Fireballs, join actors Robbie Bellekom (as Scamp), Sam Burns (as Corzin Horhace) and Ellie Sparrow (as Celestia Stardust) with Dungeon Master Jason Phelps for adventure in the Napoleonic world of Calcinea, a setting for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Music: All tracks except the theme song by Kevin MacLeod. Rated 15+ (We swear like sailors.)

Herstory Tour Link (As mentioned in the announcements!)

You can also find the rules from which our DM adapted the opium rules here!

Opium.  Consume 1 dose on a long or short rest.  Grants 1d6 temporary hit points which last until your next rest.  If consumed on a long rest, restores all your hit dice (as opposed to half).  Roll a Con save against addiction (DC 10 + addiction counter).

On each long rest, roll a Con save to shake off 1 point of addiction on a success (DC 10 + addiction counter).  If you have any points of addiction and take a long rest without consuming opium the following effects occur based on your addiction counter.

Addiction 1-3: You regain no hit dice during a long rest.  Your sleep is troubled by restless dreams.

Addiction 4-6: You regain no hit dice and only half your spell slots during a long rest.  You have trouble sleeping at all and feel jittery and uncomfortable, making it hard to focus.

Addiction 7-10: You regain no hit dice, no hitpoints, and half your spell slots during a long rest.  You cannot sleep or relax without opium.

You can, as ever, follow the party’s adventures on the globetrotting map below, and you can find their map of Slavitska’s Isle below as well!

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