Fan Art & Fan Creations

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And lo, here shall there be all manner of pictographic representations of this strange world and its characters!  If thou wishest thy fan art to be added to this gallery, then verily shouldst thou contact us by the Book of Faces, the Tweeting Bird, or the electrickal mail (, giving us thy details (name, Twitter, Tumblr/Art Page) so we may properly credit thy creations.

Regent be praised!

(Click the images to see full size!)

You can check out an amazing timelapse drawing of Fiti Gubbinswick by Tallulah Cunningham (@FabricMagpie,,, Instagram: melanippos) by clicking here!

We also have some fantastic cosplay by stowaway Mitch (@ADdage13)!

Our amazing Dutch stowaway and cartographer, Dale Beerling (@dalebeerling, produced a frankly astounding map of the Dragon Coast!  The full version is massive, so if you want to take a look at it click the preview below!

A beautiful map of the Dragon Coast by Dale Beerling (@dalebeerling,
A beautiful map of the Dragon Coast by Dale Beerling (@dalebeerling,

In celebration of our fiftieth episode being released, a number of stowaways got together (@DeaDragonflame, @DioxiaRio, Holly the Small, @RobBRolling @SamLikesDragons, @spicy_beauritos, @the_checha, yashas-strong-arms (tumblr), @TheSeaFour), co-ordinated by Elizabeth (@vtsphinx), to record a celebratory sea shanty to the tune of the intro theme. It brought tears to our eyes and was a wonderful gift to receive. Thank you all dearly.

Our stowaway Sarah (@spicy_beauritos) as well as starting the fan discord server, also recorded a beautiful rendition of the theme song, which you can check out on Soundcloud! They have also recorded renditions of The Ballad of Barnacle Point, We’re Pirates Now, Bastard Fish and the Vomit Song! And, because why stop there, they also came up with a Cards Against Humanity (or Blankity Blank, if you’re from the 1970s) set themed around the podcast as well!

If that wasn’t enough, Sarah and Samuel (@SamLikesDragon) also performed “No Regrets” live at an open mic night!

We also have some fantastic musical composition!  Check out this sea shanty, Upsetting the Apple Wagon by Liam the Bard ( – Liam also does commissions!).

We also have a fantastic set of comedy summaries of the early episodes, courtesy of Ute Orgassa (@ScratchingCat)!