Looking for a place to start?

We recommend starting at the first episode if you can, but if you’re looking for a jumping on point later on, here are some options! Below are the episodes we would suggest for the start of each chapter of Flintlocks & Fireballs.

Jump in wherever’s comfortable, the water’s fine. We’ve marked good starting points for a new listener with an asterisk (*), but you can start wherever you wish! Fair seas and natural twenties! We’re glad to have you on our voyage!

Chapter One: New Shipmates *
A halfling sailor, a drow bard and an adult dwarf who is absolutely not a sorcerer walk into a bar…
Starting Point – Episode One: Fake Beards & Broken Necks

Chapter Two: Slavitska’s Isle
The ghosts of the past lie waiting on a long-abandoned isle.
Starting Point – Episode Five: Heists & Hangovers

Chapter Three: Shadows of Crosswater
In a new city the shipmates find new friends, dirty jobs and a terrible threat waiting to be unleashed.
Starting Point – Episode Ten: Cadavers & Chitin

Chapter Four: The Wailing Sickness
A long-awaited family reunion is marred by the consequences of past choices.
Starting Point – Episode Twenty One: Flight & Farewells

Chapter Five: Into the Woods
Our shipmates journey into dark, forgotten places where the past marches on, undaunted by the present.
Starting Point – Episode Twenty Five: Shrews & Stalkers

Chapter Six: Jimothy! *
In our quiet town, we’ve a cure for your frowns, a place for the weary to stay!
Starting Point – Episode Thirty One: Jimothy!

Chapter Seven: Eve of the Revolution
The shipmates are thrust into the heart of a land torn by famine, upheaval and the bitterness of long oppression. Something’s got to break.
Starting Point – Episode Thirty Two: Hemp & Horrors

Chapter Eight: Ships & Skulduggery
Our shipmates begin the search for the mysterious Fingersnap and uncover a chain of disappearances.
Starting Point – Episode Forty Two: Stone & Sacrifice

Chapter Nine: Foreshadows
In a city ruined by the storm, pockets of the living stand against the unnumbered dead.
Starting Point – Episode Forty Four: Tears & Thresholds

Chapter Ten: The Hounds of Treachery
Beyond the town of Treachery, the course of fate will change.
Starting Point – Episode Fifty Three: Friendships & Futureproofing

Chapter Eleven: Deeds & Diplomacy
With war looming to the north, our shipmates are sent south to broker peace.
Starting Point – Episode Fifty Eight: Memory & Magic

Chapter Twelve: Going Under *
With the treaty ready to be signed to end one conflict, another rises from the past.
Starting Point – Episode Sixty Three: Sandcastles & Shaves

Chapter Thirteen: Trust
The revolution stands at a crossroads between compromise and calamity.
Starting Point – Episode Seventy Four: Fears & Fires

Chapter Fourteen: Solace & Shipbuilding
In the wake of revolution, our shipmates set about the funding and crewing of a new ship.
Starting Point – Episode Seventy Eight: Dungeons & Drug Dens

Chapter Fifteen: To The Sea *
The Krakensbane sets sail and the party leave Jova to seek out new adventures on the continent of Sunder.
Starting Point – Dragonmeet Special: The Howling Storm

Chapter Sixteen: The Thirteen Colonies
Wealth, conspiracy and liberty converge. Quite a lot of tea is spoiled.
Starting Point – Episode Ninety Three: Wharves & Wieners