Hiatus Announcement

Hello Stowaways,
Unfortunately, here aboard the good ship Fair Seas, we’ve run aground on a few shallows of late. Nobody’s dead or seriously injured, don’t worry, but life has been hard and we’ve had to pull our vessel onto land to get some repairs in. Frankly, some tough times of late, including a personal crisis that has taken its toll, have left us all pretty buggered and we need some time to recover. Thus, quite unexpectedly, we are going to have to take the next month off as well. We’re going to rebuild our buffer, take on fresh rations and water, and hopefully return refreshed and renewed to continue with the campaign. We already recorded this week’s bonus content, so that will go up as planned, but then our next appearance will be on the 6th of July, returning to our three week on, one week off schedule as before.
For now, take care. We love you very much, and –
Fair seas, and natural 20s.

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